Sofia Badessi, Silvia Piana,Michela Pradella. Turnabout


Signs of mediations made of land and sea, tense architectures, lighthouses are iconic places of the maritime landscapes. Sicily is located in an absolute prominent position; its lighthouses belong  to a wide heritage of navigational signals with unique histories.  The tendency about the reuse of abandoned lighthouses usually promotes the creation of exclusive locations and an elitist tourism, which don’t involve the communities of the territory they are connected with.

Reversing the course means to turn this tendency around, in order to preserve the authenticity of a place whose value lies in traditions, considering sites’ specific needs.

From the landscape to interior’ details, the attention focuses on the restitution of this places to the islanders.The meaning of the lighthouses also reverses: the light becomes a landmark not only for the sea, but also for the micro-communities of the island, an opportunity for meetings and developments.

In the island of Marettimo, at “Punta Libeccio” lighthouse, a biology centre hosts researchers interested in studying sea floors and hikers. The lighthouse has a terrace overlooking the sea and it is the arrival point of a walking path, marked with a new network of perspective points of view, in order to discover the place once more.

At “Capogrosso” in the island of Levanzo, the islanders become the real owners of the lighthouse, a place to rest after a long walk. A diving centre permits to discover underwater areas and allows a new use of the coast through a connection between land and sea.

In the island of Favignana, the inaccessibility of the lighthouse of “Punta Sottile”, today a property of the Navy, shifted the attention from the building to the landscape. The lighthouse, normally considered as a viewing point, turns into an observed place and assumes a new value in the surrounding territory, where permanent landscape installations direct the visitor’s gaze. Near the lighthouse, a small abandoned building becomes a base for the fishermen of the island.