Fabrizia Mattiello. The labyrinth and the fragment


Labyrinth   The territory is configured as a large not centered labyrinth. A labyrinth “that exhibits a plurality of paths, divisions and contradictions, rather than expressions of unity and coherence”. A labyrinth composed of reticular connections strained between discrete points. A plot of lines of sedimentation, accumulation, stratification, but also lines of cracking, fracture. In this tangle each of us is invited to dissolve the skein and measure their ability to move in the labyrinth…

Fragments   of all The Labyrinth, generated by the process of deconstruction of the modern city, it is built with the fragments of all. Each fragment, remnant of the primitive urbis form, it expresses inside a labyrinthine condition. Its genetic code contains information of interrupted relations with the whole…Transfigure the damaged rest of the fragment through a writing system made up of pieces, marginal notes, associating elements of different nature, objet trouvé, introducing minor alterations of language, typological deformations, able to generate in the context a crowding-out effect in poetic reaction.

Degraded materials Only option is to build with these degraded materials new rhapsodic narratives, new syncopated writings, recognizing the relativity of one’s actions.