Interior Tales

Interior Tales. from an idea by 2A+P/A and Syracuse University London, with contributions by Microcities, Fala Atelier and TSPA Interior Tales is a research developed at Syracuse University School of Architecture, London Programme, in spring 2015. The research has at its core a fundamental questioning of the instruments with which the contemporary city is produced – as, arguably, architecture is not anymore its protagonist. Perhaps, the only possible project for the urban form of today does not lie in buildings, but rather in the interior space – in the ‘system of objects’ with the narratives and the subjectivity that it generates. As Andrea Branzi affirms, “the factories have been abandoned and the office spaces emptied; campuses and schools are occupying industrial areas; historical buildings are transformed into banks and data centres; warehouses are now design studios, fashion ateliers, shopping centres, housing or movie sets; office spaces are converted in art galleries or hotels; parking buildings transformed into recording studios, basements in research centres. We work at home and live in the office.” A metabolic process is operating in the city, manipulating and giving form to our own way of dwelling in space before shaping space itself. In such a condition, […]
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